15-16 November, 2016 | Mercure Brisbane, Brisbane, QLD

Karyn Rains

Approvals and Relationships Manager, New Parallel Runway Project
Brisbane Airport Corp
Karyn Rains, Approvals and Relationship Manager for the New Parallel Runway (NPR) Project at Brisbane Airport, has had a variety of roles during her 16 year career at Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC).  Commencing as Environment Co-ordinator in 1999 she was successful in lobbying to establish Environment as a dedicated Section within BAC becoming its first designated Environment Manager and first ever female Operations line manager at Brisbane Airport in 2003. 

In her role as Environment Manager, she introduced the Environmental Management System (EMS) placing environment central to BAC’s day to day operations and the longer term development of the airport.   Karyn spearheaded BAC’s early sustainability work in water, energy and biodiversity which has gone on to be locally and internationally recognised winning the Grand Award for Best Water Management in the World at the International Water Association (IWA) Awards in Vienna in 2008 and more recently at the Queensland Premier’s and Brisbane’s Lord Mayor sustainability awards.

Her most recent achievements have been to help steer the NPR project during its first phase of construction through the major civil and dredging exercise to increase the elevation and consolidate the poor ground strength of the site for which the team won the Australian Engineers Excellence Award (Qld) for Environment in 2014.  Her current focus within the NPR team is the airspace planning and implementation and associated community engagement critical to the successful opening of the $1.3 billion new runway and commencement of parallel operations.

15:40 Case Study: Brisbane’s Parallel Runway Project - Turning regulatory conditions into contractual adherence

  • Taking a prescriptive view of regulatory conditions in order to closely manage environmental risk
  • Creating a strong in-house client environmental team to monitor contract compliance
  • Ensuring cost-efficiency with contractors by adhering to a detailed budget

11:00 Workshop B: Strategies for managing out-sourced dredging contractors to reduce project lead-time

This workshop is for asset owners who don’t have the resources to run dredging projects in-house from start to finish and must out-source certain phases of the project, such as environmental assessment, engineering consultation or construction. By properly managing dredging contractors projects are more likely to be completed on time and with little monetary waste.

The workshop will cover:
  • Ensuring in-house management works closely with outsourced contractors to prevent miscommunication and non-compliance
  • Creating a detailed budget within contract conditions in order to guarantee cost-efficiency
  • Techniques for successfully choosing the right contractors during the employment phase
  • Resolving non-compliance quickly when it does occur to reduce repeat breaches in contract

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