15-16 November, 2016 | Mercure Brisbane, Brisbane, Australia

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Driving a long term sediment management plan for Port of Hay Point

Australia’s ports have an influential role on the nation’s import and export activities, and maintenance is critical to ensure the infrastructure and navigational areas are kept in optimal conditions at all times. In this article, Kevin Kane, Senior Environmental Manager North Queensland Bulk Ports Corporation, shares exclusive insight into the Port of Hay Point Sustainable Sediment Management Project, and explores how the plan aims to manage sediment transport processes more effectively. 


Dredge spoil disposal : Understanding viable options

At the last Dredging & Reclamation Summit, Andrei Souto, Specialist at Australian Marine Associates, shared insight into the factors involved when it comes to onshore/offshore disposal options. He focused in particular on the environmental impacts and land reclamation. 

Integrated digital ground modelling

In this presentation from last year's event, Jason Errey, Director, OEMG Global, shared insight into how the integrated digital ground model system can help improve site investigation techniques and save money for major projects over the long term. 

Identifying the drivers behind genuine and sustained engagement with stakeholders

In this presentation, Gildas Colleter, Coastal Service Leader, Aurecon, discussed key questions around what makes engagement deep and meaningful between project teams to ensure the best outcome of any dredging activity. He looked in particular at these questions:

• What makes an opinion?
• The inherent value in early engagement with key stakeholders
• Identifying why and how activities might interact with stakeholders
• Why an (opinionated) environmental impact assessment is not a
(sound) business strategy
• What is an effective communication strategy

Dredging insights at Albany WA

Sean Bolt, Harbour Master, Albany Port Authority, explored the shipping restriction challenges that could cost exporters $84 million a year in lost revenue, and how to ensure this risk doesn't eventuate, looking towards external agencies as a solution. 

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