15-16 November, 2016 | Mercure Brisbane, Brisbane, QLD

Dr Stuart Simpson

Senior Principal Research Scientist

Dr Stuart Simpson is a Senior PrincipalResearch Scientist at the Centre for Environmental Contaminants Research, CSIROLand and Water, in Sydney, Australia. He has more than 20 years of researchexperience in water and sediment quality assessments. His main researchinterests involve the development of cause-effect relationships betweencontaminant and non-contaminant stressors and biological/ecological effects andthe development and application of sediment quality guidelines and assessmenttools. In addition he has a broad interest in the analytical and environmentalchemistry of contaminants in aquatic environments, in particular, the reactivityand processes controlling contaminant bioavailability. In 2006 he was awarded, with Graeme Batley and Jenny Stauber, the Land andWater Australia Eureka Prize for Water Research. He provided components of Australia’sNational Assessment Guidelines for Dredging (2009) and led the Revision ofAustralia’s Sediment Quality Guidelines (2013). He was a co-editor and author ofthe 2016 handbook ‘Sediment Quality Assessment: A Practical Guide’. He iscurrently preparing (for the Department of Environment) new Guidelines for theDredging of Acid Sulfate Soil Sediments and Associated Dredge Spoil Management.He applies thisresearch through a wide range of consultancy projects for industry andgovernment, particularly in guideline/assessment framework development forgovernment, and assessing environmental impacts from proposed or activeindustries, including dredging and contaminated site remediation. He is theauthor of some 200 scientific research publications.

13:50 Panel Discussion: Reaching and maintaining environmental approval of dredging activities to ensure the longevity of ports

  • Communicating with your regulator to determine regulatory expectations and mitigate disputes
  • Addressing non-compliance quickly to prevent a reduction in approval
  • Staying up-to-date with policy changes to prevent incidental non-compliance

11:00 Dredging of Acid Sulphate Soil (ASS) sediments and associated dredge material management: Assessment frameworks and ASS Management Plans

  • Reviewing the occurrence, risks, liabilities and policies surrounding dredge material management
  • Overviewing the characterisation of sediments and the risk assessments they require
  • Assessing the characterisation of disposal sites and their monitoring

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