15-16 November, 2016 | Mercure Brisbane, Brisbane, QLD

Dr Adam Cohen

Managing Director
Australasian Marine Associates
Dr Cohen has 20 years experience in sourcing, scoping and managing a variety of coastal, near shore and offshore marine studies.  Adam has considerable experience in managing specialist teams in the areas of Port and Harbour development, subsea pipelines, offshore oil and gas exploration, ocean outfall design, dredging and land reclamation. Adam’s previous employment was with Golder Associates, as the Ports, Coasts and Marine Group Manager, Australia and prior to this, Dr Cohen was Customer Sector Group Manager, Coastal and Marine Environment, Southern Region for WorleyParsons. 

Adam has specialist expertise in marine geological survey, marine environmental impact assessment, water quality investigation and coastal processes studies.

13:50 Panel Discussion: Reaching and maintaining environmental approval of dredging activities to ensure the longevity of ports

  • Communicating with your regulator to determine regulatory expectations and mitigate disputes
  • Addressing non-compliance quickly to prevent a reduction in approval
  • Staying up-to-date with policy changes to prevent incidental non-compliance

16:25 Table 3: Ensuring the scope of site investigation is adequate

  • How do you choose the appropriate methods for site investigation?
  • How to predict how thorough the investigation should be?
  • When does an investigation have enough data?

09:10 Reviewing evidence at the Great Barrier Reef: Dredging material and its impact on the environment

  • Outlining the process of water and sediment quality assessment
  • Examining the effects of dredging material in off-shore disposal sites
  • Reviewing the guidelines and frameworks for assessing environmental impact

09:50 Panel Discussion: Maintaining sound relationships with regulators to improve upper management confidence in dredging applications

  • Exploring strategies for building a relationship between regulators and management before disputes arise
  • Establishing constructive mediation between project management and regulators early in the project
  • Keeping channels of communication open during the assessment of dredging projects

14:40 Panel Discussion: The future of dredging in Australia and the potential uses of dredge material

  • The need for dredging and dredge material for flood management using dykes, break walls and embankments
  • The installation of off-shore wind-farms using dredge technology
  • Examining the types of future regulation that will govern capital, maintenance dredging and disposal options
  • The potential use of dredging activity for environmental enhancement e.g. intertidal areas and sea grass meadows

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Adam.

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